Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Heady Scent of Heated Game

The aforementioned dove having spent an adequate amount of time in the freezer (I forgot about it), I decided the cool weather of the seventh day of October would make for a lovely time to prepare my quarry.

Having wrapped the little dickens in a fine strip of bacon, and slathering some butter over it, I set the dove in a small skillet on low heat, covered. Some freshly cracked pepper seemed necessary.

The savory scents arising from the lightly sizzling dove served to increase my appetite a thousand-fold. Some thirty to forty minutes later found the de-winged beast on my plate.

The taste, savory and delicious, was comparable to chicken liver; the texture like that of a steak, well done.

Apart from the small, sharp bone which embedded itself ever so painfully in my gums, this was a very tasty morsel.

"Ah, food in the raw! I crave the tangy zest of wild game!"
~That cartoon dog that always wanted to eat those little gophers


  1. Ooooooh, sounds tasty!

    How come you didn't make me any? ;-P

    I once at scorpion you know....


  2. How come? A 2,000 mile trip would have resulted in cold, untasty dove.

    Is that story one that will be handed down, generation to generation, about how Great-Great-Great-Grandpappy Spencer ate a scorpion?

    Probably along with how you captured a Bigfoot, eh?

  3. Oh yes. I will pass down that story with pride!

  4. I didn't understand a word you just said...

    Well, best grab my shotgun. Looks like I've been invaded.

  5. NIHAU! NIHAU, MA! Hu zhou man sing chao! Choa chi, la tsun tsan za!